Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i am calling fear's name

i am calling fears name

and he has turned around and said

"you wanna peice of me?"

now i have to fight

i am armed with enough

(but it is dribbling through my fingers)

i am armed with my tender soul
(but yesterday it was blown around in the library by the man who bent too close, by the woman who sighed too loudly by the smell of someone's too old perfume)

i am armed with love

(but is that enough?)

fear has bought death into his corner and it doesn't feel like a fair fight


  1. you armed with all you need!!!
    just know it!

  2. Still holding your hand ~~~

  3. you are armed with love, fear will be no match :)

  4. Whatever happens, fear will lose.
    Love always wins and I surround
    you and your loved one with constant,
    compassionate love from my heart.

  5. mollie that is the most beautiful and comforting thing i have heard... love always does win... you are so right... i feel supported and loved

    and honoured....

  6. I'm still holding you in my arms, if you feel you are fading then use the strength of all of these people who have commented here. I'm sending you love and strength, you are ENOUGH to deal with all that is sent your way. xxx

  7. thankyou kind Felicia...i feel held and coomforted and i am so grateful

  8. You know, I think sometimes it's not a fair fight. That's just my experience. But I still find myself giving fear a run for its money. And I know you do too. I've got your back just as so many others have, darling.

  9. Incredibly powerful, and something that I am going to bring with me, to arm myself, into tomorrow morning (which could and probably will be distinctly unpleasant).
    God, it never feels like a fair fight -- but somehow, I keep rising up right past it -- so will you!