Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I feel like a ball

in a pin ball machine....

i feel like the rubber band being forced one time too many

around the parcel....

i feel like the dental floss stuck between teeth

being tugged just that little bit harder...

i feel like the flower in the flower press

each day getting a little drier a little more brittle....

i feel like the surface tension on a full cup just as the onedroptoomany enters...

i feel like someone is sucking the air out of me on an infomercial, chatting perkily to camera,

folding me sharply

and putting me in a plastic storage container for winter

but rain and wind,
a walk with the cat and the dog,
glimpses of green
and a chat with a proud Rimu,
draws me back into my body,
remagnetises the shards of me that were in orbit

brings me back here


  1. What a loving blessing Nature is.
    And you too, for recognising it. (((((faerian)))))

  2. Its wonderful that you recognise how good for you the simple things are. Nature and art will heal your aches, i hope you feel less stretched soon. x

  3. Oh my, do you need a scratch? Itchy from the inside out? Poor dear, hugs and another nature walk for you. Thinking of you. Maybe we could go on a cosmic *walk* together, we'll hold hands and not talk....