Saturday, May 8, 2010

creativity is a bossy friend

I have already established that i have a girlycrush on creativity

But i also want to be honest about what kind of friend she is...

there is no other way to say it

she is bossy

She comes into my life when she feels like it

She interrupts conversations, dinner, showers even a trip to the toilet

she demands my immediate attention

otherwise she stalks off in a huff.

i need to be ever ready to carry out her whims, at the very least writing down or sketching her demands,

because if i don't have time right when she shows up she cuts me off.

What she says goes. She is the the one who calls the shots wears the pants holds the reins...

Oh, there are times when i really want her to come over.

I send out invitations,everything is set up to make her comfortable, make her feel welcome...

her favourite brushes ready, nice clean canvas, tools all sharp, peace and quiet

and she is just busy elsewhere...

(someone more interesting or capable i tell myself more than a little jealously)

because she does taunt me with her relationships with others...

skill and ideas and new ways of doing things that appear so effortless to other artists (i mean real artists of course - because seeing her flirt outrageously with others always makes me feel down on myself) always let me see that she is showering her love on someone else...

ok so i am pouty with her sometimes

but i am still willing to be her friend even if she is flirty with others, even if she gets all the attention, even if i am in her shadow ...

because bossy, demanding, unfaithful and snooty as she is

she makes my life better


  1. You are so right! she is a fickle friend, yes she visits others(yes, we are all a bit jealous of that!), she doesn't come when asked nicely - but she has taught you well. Look at your work! its amazing - I wonder if we ever outgrow the need for her and just have it in us?

  2. Thank you for your understanding and insight Felicia - i wonder about how to see her as truely part of me (because i see creativity as part of the divine) and for my heart to sing when i see the work of others which i find inspiring (yours included in that most definitely) and see that as the invitation for me to leap in - to see other's magnificent creations as an invitation from creativity rather than admonishment?? love to you Felicia

  3. Vibes for faerian's muse to be less bossy!