Monday, May 3, 2010

this is what stirred me up so much

it is called motherhood


  1. Wow, darling! Is that a door? It's huge and incredible!! Like... I'm not sure creativity is that friend you thought. Maybe it is. Only you know. But looking at that, it appears that you're very much equals in the playground. Hey, maybe you're both dangerous? ;^) Hmm. Regardless, it's fucking awesome. You're a rocking creative goddess with serious mojo, Ms Jane!♡

  2. you made this Jane ? Very powerful !! ♥

  3. Jane, this creativity of yours is a powerful thing- totally amazing! If you have that much passion in you then you have to let it out artisticly. You are fabulous!!!

  4. thankyou friends...thankyou

    i feel like i need a cup of sweet tea and a lie down after that!

    i have only showed one person outside my family - (hubby didn't like seeing my bare vulva up on canvas!:-)) and i woke up to an email saying that the thoughts of it are still going around in her head

    which has got to be a good thing right?

    And Megalicious - it is not a door just a long canvas on an easel and i love youx

  5. Power-Full.

    A Thousand Words
    of which these are
    a few.