Tuesday, May 25, 2010

tell a story tuesday

i decided while i was away to make an effort to write here - really try and tell stories

because stories are the essence of life

we are all just one big collection of stories

and some of them are true

my story today is about when we got the poodle

Simon and i had gone out to the chaotic house where she was born to choose a puppy.

About 5 barking bouncing balls of fluff, in various stages of dishevellement greeted us on the muddy driveway.

We picked our way to the back door over poodles trying to act as canine tripwires and assorted toys. The breeder opened the door with her 2 day old baby in her arms and looking a little on the weary side she managed to corral us inside and the poodle army outside.

Shouting to her older daughter she cleared a spot for us to sit and we watched as the teenager ushered in a small black poodle who was looking anxiously at the box in the girls arms. A box full of puppies.

There were 6. They were 6 weeks old and their eyes had just opened. They tumbled together, unsure about the little fluffy legs and just how to lift their enormous heads. But more by good luck than good management one little one wobbled out.

i could tell which end was which because i could just pick out a tail, but as she stood their shivering we chose her.

She still shivers when she is unsure.

When i am less conscientious with grooming than i should be she still looks a little like a pushmepullyou.

But she fills our house with poodle love and every day welcomes us with utter joy that we are still in her life...

The twink they had to mark her head with to tell her apart from the others faded after a few weeks but the knowledge that we had made a good choice never has



  1. I grew up with an adorable poodle ~ they DO rock!!! (tho not quite as much as the long haired doxies!!!

  2. That's a gorgeous poodle story!