Thursday, May 6, 2010

being the vessel

after 3 tough weeks for me i see my family taking the strain

even though i do most of my running to and from the hospital and dealing with all that needs to be dealt with when they are away at school and work

they are still feeling it

i think i am the vessel of the energy for the family

if my reserves are low, if i am depleted, if i am feeling called far outside myself

they notice

It is not conscious

they are not able to tie the things they are feeling with the strain i am taking but it is certainly there

when i am up they are more resiliant

when i am empty they are more likely to feel abraided, distressed - mostly in an formless kind of way

but it is no less real...

so more than for survival

more than for my soul

i need to plant me feet firmly on the ground, reach into the well that feeds me - creativity, connection to spirit, my beautiful surroundings and i need to drink deeply.....

for their sakes as well as mine


  1. Girl, I am totally lovin' on those socks. Big time. And I'm also really hearing these words today. "Drink deeply" - this is such good advice for so many of us now. Not that you were giving it. Just sayin' ;^)

  2. Be gentle with yourself, dear one ~ and don't forget to also reach out to your friends ~

    PS ~Those socks/tights are AWESOME!!!!!!!

  3. We - Mothers - are always the thermastat of our families, just as you say, when you are up they are flying, so nurture yourself to nurture them.
    Rockin' socks by the way!!

  4. beloved sock loving friends - those socks are part of my arsenal against crap - my crapdeflecting stipey wondersocks if you will

    Willow says they remind her of Pippi Longstocking and i remind myself of a cackling witch in them

    either way a woman with power!!!

  5. You are indeed a woman of power
    and those socks and shoes are
    SO fantastic.
    Please drink deeply always
    and know you're loved.