Sunday, May 2, 2010

creativity - the dangerous friend

do you ever feel like creativity can be a dangerous friend?

you know like the one at school that always seemed more streetwise

who would smoke in the feild at school

who would have sex because it felt good

who would know more than the teacher

and let them know it.

I feel like a bit of a sychophant to creativity at the moment.

I talk about her and think about her alot.

I do courses to find out more about her.

I feel like i have a crush on her.

But this wanting to be friends with someone more knowing than i am, more adventurous than i have been,

someone who will lead me away from nice and pretty and tidy

into places where dark things lurk

has me on edge...

literally i am on the edge of stepping onto another place to stand

what will i find?

what will come with me?

what will i leave behind?

and how will i feel inside my life when i have recovered my footing after such a big leap?

The phrase "naked and bleeding on the Jericho road" from Maevensong seems most appropriate... and runs over and over in my head

i just hope creativity is prepared to take me into her temple and bathe my wounds in the spring like Maeve

and not leave me in the middle of the school quad, looking like a dork, with all the cool kids laughing at me....


  1. you will be cared for in so many more ways that you can imagine....

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhh i love the entire visual you set up here.......and that picture totally rocks!
    ohhhhhhhh you got me thinking about creativity now!!

  3. Creativity can be like a cruel lover yet at the same time the most beautiful thing in the world.

  4. Being open and vulnerable is scary but the rewards are so great <3

  5. Never be afraid of creativity, jump in, both feet first and make a huge splash...really.

  6. thankyou my lovely friends... i took the leap and was held up and carried to a new place - hardly a jolt in the landing... i will bring my camera into my work space and show you what my leap looks like...thankyou for being so much for helping to cheer me over the chasm...

  7. What a fantastic post. I had never put my thoughts about creativity into words quite this way, but when I read your words I heard a resounding, "Yes!" inside me. Thanks so much for this.