Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fearless painting in Oakura

Well hullo lovelies...
i know i haven't been around since my panic about the reunion - and i am here to assure you that that brush with the epilator hasn't scarred me for life ...

i have been away and trying to paint FEARLESSLY... i am part of the fearless tribe with Connie Hozvicka ... our assignment was to produce a video of painting outside....

It was a challenge for me - painting where i could be seen meant i had to claim myself as a painter... it was like i was saying i am good enough to show the world... but i figured out it could mean something else... and although i wished that people had said "i love it i want to buy it" i think it added some pleasure to their day to see someone painting...

and i videoed like peter jackson baby (no stinky striking actors to deal with - kiwi injoke there)

and then my video and my computer decided to stop speaking to each other so i cobbled this together from my stills...

it is my first time so be gentle with me xxx

ps sorry mollie i will post photos on the forum ok??


  1. You are the best on the beach artist that I know!
    and I love that technology got the better of you - cos it means I'm not the only one that happens to!!
    Your art is lucky to be yours x

  2. Oh Jane, my fearless Jane! You so inspire me.....

  3. Love, love, love it ~

    You are SO many kinds of awesome!!!

  4. AH thank the Goddess for generous friends xxxx

  5. so wonderful.. thanks for sharing it

  6. You rock!!! This is so absolutely beautiful dear Jane...I want to be THERE with you, just watching you paint. (and then a swim. and then maybe I'll paint some.) :)

  7. Dear Fellow Fearless♥

    You are awesome. In all respects :) I think sometimes it's good that our technology rebels :)
    But truly - all of the fears and desires you describe are all that I can imagine from myself when the time comes to paint outside :)

    Cheers Love - these are fabulous.♥

  8. Congratulations! You ARE a painter!

  9. :) Thank you my faerian friend the artist <3