Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One of those days

when the sky is grey

when there is too much housework

when the list you have requires vim and vigour and all you have is very very blah

when feelings always lead back to swallowed tears

when the sound of the phone ringing makes your stomach drop

when the call of the bath is very very loud

and when you want your Mummy - not the one you have but that one that is all nurturing and soft and loving and can hold you until you are ready to laugh again


  1. {{{{{{{{faerian}}}}}}}}

    with love ~

  2. oh man. the wanting your mummy part....not the one you have but that one...
    that part got me.....
    i am totally feelin' this.....
    sendin' you a hug.....

  3. thank you for not just loving brave me but fed up me too xxx

  4. Here's a virtual hug :) I'm no body's mummy, but I hope it helps! I think that they invented the word 'doldrums' just for days like that!!! I've wanted the same things, felt the same things, on days like that -- I'll be sending you all kinds of good ju-ju. {hug}

  5. We have to have days like that so that we really appreciate the good ones!! This to shall pass..... as my nana used to say. I'm sending out hugs and love vibes just for you x

  6. sending you hugs (and tickles) till you laugh!