Thursday, October 14, 2010


i went to...

feed the cat before sunrise (he was begging me, pleading...)
the inside of my friend's heart
the back end of a lamb (cleaning up for calf club day)
the changing rooms in several shops
the thought that i had an aging body
to the counter with a new bikini that looks like a pair of jeans
(in my mind)looking glamorous at a dinner event i am accompanying my husband to this summer
and back
the freezer at the 4 square to buy a chocolate dipped icecream
the school to see my daughter's steady hand game
plush offices to drop off a poster
painful poses in pilates
to join my tribe around the world and back again
to the gate to get my lovely off the bus

i have talked about breast buds, anger, farting goats, models who shouldn't, skin cancer, lambs bums, goaty whiff, pelvic floor muscles,miners and courage, painful mothering, my fears of being judged, architects pretensions, and many more things

i have seen tears, smiles,good dreads, frustration, shame, disappointment, determination and pride and deep deep kindness (see the messages at the end of the last post to know what i mean)

this life is so full so rich in beauty and deep deep in the marvellous mystery of the magnificence of being...

today i am grateful