Saturday, October 9, 2010


As you will know if you have read this blog for a bit, i think Brene Brown is a pretty juicy thing.

Her long-term committment to uncovering the gifts in shame, worthiness and perfectionism has made me feel less "other" and comforted in a deep and kind way.

At the moment Brene is celebrating the release of her book "The Gifts of Imperfection".

And part of that celebration is to encourage folk to protest the cult (the silent, viscious soul draining cult) of perfectionism.

Perfectionism feeds so slurpingly on the juice and passion of life that perfectionism grows with each step we try to take towards our life's calling ...

that is a sure way to die aching.

But by seeing perfectionism and naming it for the futile parasite that it is we can save the juice to feed the seed of all we were meant to be...

so as i wipe the rabid flecks of froth off my chin from that little rant i want to offer you a chance to read and join in...

Bloggers all over the world are posting pictures of their protest banners... here is the page Brene introduces this sparkly idea on...

Mine is from my journal - a page i made ages ago and now have the perfect (oops - see how incidious it is???) use for....

the page is lumpy, uneven, blemished

but to me it is good

and good is good enough

and so i encourage you to join the protest and save your juice for what counts...

for your soul.



  1. ps - i got my daughter to take the phot in the mess that is my studio just to prove how committed i am to imperfection!!!

  2. It's a great photo and your studio looks like a place to practice artistic freedom.
    Love your blog :-)
    I'm deleting that 'p' word from my vocabulary!

  3. I am SOOOOOO all over this!!!

    And I 3> 3> 3> your page!! Like our Mollie, I'm erasing this word from my brain!!!!!!!!

  4. This is awesome, and I love it! I read Brene Brown's blog (and books) too, and I was thinking of doing glad you did!!

  5. Absolutely LOVE this! You've inspired me to do a page! Thank you.