Thursday, April 28, 2011

a gift to my 46year old self

(this was from my work on the amazing Unravelling course by Susannah Conway - we have just had a week of examining and being kind to our faces which,as i seldom look in the mirror for fear of the horror that aging has wreaked on my life and general self distain evokes, was challenging and ultimately rewarding.

i write this here as a birthday present for myself

Looking at my face
26th april 2011

when i hold my own gaze i am more attracted to me

Yes i am tired and wrinkly but there is more to look at than that.

My lips are thinner than i deserve but i look better in a smile.

I have passable eyebrows

I deserve to take care of this face.

I can't hide it away, so i might as well cherish it...

treat it tenderly...

it greets the world for me so why not let it tell the world that beauty lives here?

I can smile lovingly at myself then, not withold kindness from my self as kind of honourable sacrifice.

No more.

Yes i am wrinkly and greay

AND YES, i am going to cherish every bit of beautiful i have.

(Maybe even grow some more)


  1. Beautiful & powerful post ~~~ I think I'll print it out and hang it on my bathroom mirror!!!

  2. I look at your face and see a
    beautiful soul shining out <3

  3. Seriously when I read this post....I thought about what I see when I see your face ((like in person, when we happen to bump into each other somewhere))... and you know what I see....
    I see honest, thoughtful eyes...
    a happy welcoming smile
    I see someone who has a beautiful counternance.
    I see someone who is genuine
    I see someone who I like to be around
    I see someone who is not consumed by themselves, but rather is interested in others.
    All of these things are far more spiritually beautiful than anything physical.........
    You cherish you!!! (that's an order!!) xxx

  4. Stunningly beautiful.
    That's what I see.
    Your insides on the outside. That is glorious.

  5. I loved seeing your smiling face in my classroom in the mornings. I always felt like I was coming home. Happy Birthday beautiful friend!

  6. Happy birthday you beautiful creature!!!!!
    Your inner beauty shines on your face x

  7. what a beautiful gift, for you, for us!
    happy you day dear soul ~ so much beauty and love radiating out!

  8. my heart is full
    and after 46 years it has grown pretty big - thank you for your words of kindness and affirmation - they make it worth every little scar getting here x

  9. Happy Birthday my beloveed and cherished friend!! What I love the most about your face is the sunburst at the corners of your eyes.

    Beautiful. You are beauty filled and full.

  10. that is such an amazing amazing shot! The happiness is all over you!

  11. without even having read your post yet... I looked at the photo and thought you have a beautiful face. You have a face with a story, a face with character...
    then I read your words and had to smile.
    I like your face!