Tuesday, April 7, 2009

about the big c

what the fu$k is it about cancer?

it is lurking around in the community picking up some random people

chewing them up

introducing them to chemo and radio and nausea and pain and needles and surgery and fear and death

and spitting them and their families and loved ones and friends and acquaintances out.

why does it lurk in such a beautiful place

how can it dwell in bodies so made for perfection

how can the environment be in such a mess that these diseases are growing in prevalence and we don't all freak out and say



Two little boys i know are in treatment... both from incredibly healthy families... one of them had surgery for a brain tumor yesterday... the other is in hospital recieving chemo even though his white cell count only just registers

one brave woman i know is missing her daughter's first day at school after developing an infection after a mastectomy

i just want to say.... avert your eyes if you don't like swearing


That is all

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