Saturday, April 25, 2009

i have become

i have become....

the kind of woman i admire

oh there are still things i want to achieve

some tweaking here and there

(ok quite a bit!!!)

but i was cleaning up whilst making dinner...

and i cleaned up:

(ok brief interlude here to say i really, really never wanted to be a tidier upper so just ignore that part...)

a homebirth magazine with a picture of a vessel on it which i was inspired to co-create which has now become part of a national homebirth group ritual!! I followed my inspiration and it lead to an artwork and a lasting affirming ritual that is so wonderful for all of us who complete it.

a SARK book (love me some Susan!)

a box of Ascended Master cards (yay for Doreen V)

homework about Malaysia for a trip we are doing later this year (orangutan, jungle, elephants, beaches oh i am about to weee myself with excitement!!!)

and the brochure for the silversmithing course i am doing later next month...

on the cusp of my 44th birthday i see

i am this bodacious, angel loving, silversmithing, travelling, ritual making woman

and i am now sitting here (having abandoned all tidying) to celebrate this wonderful insight
and to celebrate


  1. girl, you are bodacious. :-)

    absolutely. I am so glad to see this post-I think it's a beautiful inspiration to others to claim their bodaciousness!

  2. thankyou so much BRR (now that you are using 3 names and all)

    as i was always destined to become Mrs Keanu Reeves the Bodacious comment is doubly affirming!!!