Tuesday, April 7, 2009

word of the week

i love the dictionary

if i was stranded on a desert island that would be the book i would take with me...

it has it all

drama (under d)

love (under l)

history (not just under h but in the etemology of each and every word)

so i shall make a word for the week - open the dictionary randomly and see what happens

today is RETROSE
it means turned back or down.

i have turned back from my need to plunge into bad feelings when they waft about

i have taken retrose action in terms of the blackness...

if i had a collar on i would retrose it...

oooo the joy of a new word!!!


  1. I love dictionaries, too! Being a kindred linguist, I love this post. (oh, and I love you, too!)


  2. oh my E i love you too (and words!)