Sunday, April 19, 2009

being present

i went to my friend's house today to celebrate her son's birthday - he would have been 10 but he died of a brain tumour.

it was a sad and happy day...

people were gathered around

there was birthday cake

his siblings were there

i sang a song for his brother - who chose puff the magic dragon (which has to be one of the saddest songs in the English language...)

but i was glad i was present

to share my love for my friend and talk about this remarkable boy...

but i was also glad i was present because i had the most wonderful conversation with a Maori woman i admire hugely.. a woman who is a local midwife and healer and elder stateswoman and sage and seer and empath and powerful talisman and bridge between the past and the future

she has recently travelled to Egypt and Greece

following a strong calling

and she noted that the Greeks were very emotive and if they were sad they were sad - bloody sad, and if they were happy they were bloody happy

and she was noticing that is how Maori used to be...

none of this prevaricating and being shy to sing when singing was called for ....

and we both saw how alive this being true to your emotions makes you

how you live through whatever it is that you are feeling

and then the next things comes along

and you live through that....

and how that makes you truely present

truely alive

so at this celebration of the beginning of the life of a boy who is no longer alive (well his spirit is very definitely present) the ancients have taught the lesson of being present in the now....

and if that is not a gift - A PRESENT

then i don't know what is!!!


  1. yes. what an amazing powerful truth. the dalai lama believes the same thing-when he is sad, he truly, wholy feels it. Which means when he is happy, he truly wholy feels it. Such a wonderful example of being present.

  2. the present as a gift
    the present is now

    that is not a coincident is it?

    thankyou for the dalai lama's take on it... it is an ancient truth
    xxx to you Brandi!

  3. I so appreciate this reminder, faerian.
    What a wonderful party - so poignant and sad, yet a celebration of a boy.
    Beautiful photo to go with your blog.
    xx mollie xx