Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A flotilla of puriri moths - a faerie tale

After that amazing session with Andrea i have been digesting all the truth that i learned and i wrote the following faerietale to contain some of those ideas....there is something about the mythical quality of these stories that helps these truths sink into my bones.... so here goes
here is the cover i made on canvas, and i printed out the story on canvas as well

i think this is where my future lies

Once upon a time, there was a little girl whose light was so bright it radiated heat.

When people around her were cold, or when it was very dark they were pleased to have her and her light near.

But often the intensity of the light made their eyes hurt.

And often the heat made them sweaty and uncomfortable.

She began wearing layers and layers of clothes to shield the light and the heat from the others, so they didn’t feel uncomfortable.

This made her weak from heat exhaustion and smelly from the sweat.

This made her more unpleasant to be around.

And it made her sick. So sick that one day she fell into a deep, deep sleep.

And where she lay she burnt the grass. The earthworms dried out and died. And the longer she lay there, with the trapped light and the trapped heat the more she destroyed.

The animals saw what was happening but were too afraid of the smell and the air of death around her until a small black cricket said
“This must stop”.

And the courageous cricket went through the charred grass and the worm carcasses and he began to eat away at her clothing.

Slowly at first, he chewed at the seam until a faint beam of light came through.

Seeing what he was doing, other insects, cicadas and puriri moths hopped and flew to his side and began to eat through the clothing too, right through into the light. Until the rank clothing fell away.

The light and heat radiated from the form of the woman of light. The stifling pressure was gone and the woman awoke to find insects crawling from her body. She felt revulsion and fear.

As she leant forward to squash them she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the carapace of a small black cricket.

She saw herself shining for the first time in a long long time.

She felt the warmth of the light.

She felt alive.

She knew she would not hide again.

She stepped up from her steaming clothes with a flotilla of puriri moths.

She walked towards the town and the sunglasses shop because the people who want to be with her from now on just might need them.


  1. And I've been working on a faerietale that I was hoping to share tomorrow. Great minds think alike.

  2. So wonderful. I'm pleased that you shared, I didn't want to ask when I saw the picture, but was hoping you would.

  3. What a wonder-full tale!!

    I love to see you shine!!!


  4. oh my goddess! will you please print this up in some sort of frame-able way so i can hang it and honor it and you???!!!!! and you'd better charge money for it!

  5. the sunglassses at the end!!!!!!!!!!
    oh i loved it! the whole thing!

  6. This painting and faerie tale radiate your talent <3

  7. thank you my friends - i am loving living with this story in my house and in my heart!

  8. My Shiny Friend,
    You are so incredibly loved and, might I add, rather seriously fabulous.
    A Girl Without The Need For Sunglasses

  9. this filled me up today ;) I agree make this a poster, sell it

    amazing, beautiful friend

  10. Ohhhh wow.... Im totally gob-smacked here!
    That was just beautiful!
    You are a wealth of knowledge/talent/creativity, and what a honour to tell people I know you......in like, REAL LIFE!! ;)
    You truly ROCK xxx

    totally agree also with the others re: selling this...sharing it... I would REALLY love to hear you telling it with that amazing expression with which you speak!! ((hugs)).

  11. ....I meant .."What AN honour...not what a honour" lol

  12. absolutely beautiful and so much what I need to hear right now...blessings!

  13. i am overwhelmed and very very grateful to each of you for you warmth and encouragement - i am thinking of building this into a course.... i will keep you posted <3

  14. Faerian Jane!!!!! I am warmed and filled with love by this tale.. its beautiful as is its creator.
    the art is amazing, you have grown so much with your art - I am inspired by you x x x x

  15. I adore this! You painted such a visual picture with your words. I could see this as a book. One I would treasure....