Saturday, April 9, 2011

abc creativity and closing the circle

Andrea with me in my creative space!

As i relistened i doodled on the page, writing down the words, drawing pictures of the things that seemed significant to me

the almost finished project (i put a purple circle around us later) me and my scared self - in the light and being kind to each other....

Today i want to talk about a being of light - Andrea of abc creativity -
I met her through the awesome SARK forum where she is a moderator and all round generous soul.

Last year Andrea quit her employment to live her dream and deliver her goodness to the world. When I read about what she is doing on her blog I feel like she is beaming so much light into the world that she is one of the things I think about when I need balance….

And she was kind enough to ask me to guinea pig with her for some of the work she is developing…

Via Skype, Andrea lead me through a fantastic visualisation and then offered me the chance to work with and embed the revelations from the visualisation with journaling exercises…

With Andrea, I met a part of me that is scared to live my dreams – drab little thing that she was. I realised how much she was present for me when I get triggered, feel judged, find the world out of step with me…. She allowed me to see that when I judge her and feel ashamed of her, push her away she is diminished and less and less able to breathe and more triggered next time.

All she asked for was acceptance – that she just needed soothing – talking to kindly, being noticed and she promised she would walk with me even though she was scared…

She is a dimension of vulnerability – admitting that I feel vulnerable when I am putting myself out there is staying true to myself – the very essence of living my truth.

And when Andrea offered me the compliment on my openness - I was being honoured for something that I had often seen as a fault…. then I felt like the circle was complete.


  1. ABC does, indeed, ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

    (as do you, dear one)

  2. You're both full of love and light.

  3. Faerian every part of you, even the small dusty parts, are just oozing with light and creativity. It was a real gift to be able to work with you. Thank you for your openness!

  4. i really feel a big shift since i did this visualisation - that scared part of me which sends up dust storms when she is ignored and hides her vital light feels closer - in being kind to her i am kind to myself...this is such a gift Andrea - thank you x

    and thank you too my friends for seeing this with kindness (if i talked to many of the people i rub shoulders with everyday the woo woo quotient would be sky high)