Monday, April 4, 2011


the ancient volcanoes and Whangarei Habour... can you imagine sailing in here not knowing what lay in those hills?

how do you navigate through life?

do you have a map and follow it assiduously? - spending more time looking at the map than the landscape around you?

whose map is it? is it a map you inherited directly from your parents? from your mentors? from your fears? or your intuition?

does the map have something on the front - a title page? Can you close your eyes and imagine what that might be? "Freedom?" "Wisdom?" "Small?"

do you have no map?

do you walk around spontaneously taking the turns that appeal to you? seeing a good coloured roof and taking the street that looks like it heads in that direction?

do you find yourself taking turns that always lead to dark places? or into the light? or the edge of a cliff?

do you like to travel alone? or could you not dream of being without another person to compare notes with, chat to?

do you think there is the possibility of setting your own path? or is that only possible when the sea is calm?

or do you say to hell with the weather and set sail on schedule whether there is a storm brewing or not?

do you feel lost?


  1. and when you feel lost, can you embrace it?

  2. BLOODY OATH! (That is a New Zealand colloquialism of whole hearted agreement)<3

  3. I travel with a pretend map, to make it look like I'm in control of where I'm going. But I don't most of the time. And it's ok, because sometimes getting lost takes you to where you need to be, and if you had of followed the map, you would have missed out, even if you did have to live through a storm (or 10)

  4. HA - a pretend map - i love it - you could be reading a comic in there and allow yourself to have an adventure.... blessing you through the storms Bel XXXXX