Friday, April 1, 2011

being vulnerable

being vulnerable has always seemed to me to be a little like a beaten dog,

rolling over, showing your weakest point,

saying here i lay myself out to you, to your power.

I am only worth being lower than you.

But i am growing to realise that when i am vulnerable and in integrity i am so deeply powerful.

Vulnerability doesn't mean relenquishing my power.

It means honouring my truth and where my weakness is as a part of the wholeness of me

It means honouring my value as a human being - even a weak, tender, flawed human being.

It means i am not surreptitiously competing with you - trying to prove i am better

It means i am allowing you the chance, offering you permission to be in your weakness and feel whole,

and in that honouring we become stronger and more loving towards ourselves,

and more compassionate towards others,

and the vulnerabilities they work so hard to hide.


  1. I love your awesome thought-provoking posts!! You really need to write a book I think ;)

  2. Beautiful words ~ so very true ~~~

    I agree with Neetz~


  3. AWESOME post!! I loved this. A very wise woman once told me that sharing our vulnerabilities (in essence our "inner sanctum") with others is a priviledge we bestow upon those who have earned the right to be in their presence, and can honor them.

    When I started living from that paradigm, my life changed, and I no longer gave power to those who (as you so eloquently wrote) try so hard to hide (or deny) their own.

  4. This is a powerful message, beautifully written - wouldn't it be amazing to live a world of people who are true to themselves? I'm thankful to know people who believe that too.
    QNDani, that is very true advice, thanks for passing it on.

  5. Very true - in our vulnerability lies our strength <3

  6. i think that what Queen Dani said about bestowing that honour on those who deserve it is the next ingredient in the mix that i need to get right... i often find myself open to those who - if i took the time and had the sense of self worth to critique - will not treat my vulnerabilities with the tenderness they deserve and so the cycle of the lack of self worth continues...

  7. Sounds like you are digging very deep there.
    Sovereign Badger.