Wednesday, April 6, 2011

jealousy and yearning

For many years i experienced yearning and jealousy

these were the times of my life where i was constantly unsure of myself

trying to please others to feel a sense of worth

i was often filled to the eyeballs with that toxic mix of yearning and jealousy - wanting to be where i saw others standing

longing for what they possessed

or what i imagined they possessed

that yearning and jealousy poisoned me, stultified me, paralysed me.

I inadvertantly found that by taking homeopathically tiny steps in the direction of the yearning i became stronger

with each step more able to step again
and again

and now i find that i seldom feel filled with those bitter juices

and i see that all yearning and jealousy are are signposts to my heart's desires that are dirtied and obscured by lack of self worth, self confidence, vision.


  1. so so soooo very true every single word!! :)

  2. ohhhh nice...........wise.......helpful!
    thanks, woman!!!

  3. I am learning that about jealousy .. that it is an indication that there is some quality (or qualities) there that I want to add or enhance in my life. It helps me not beat myself up so much for feeling it.