Thursday, September 29, 2011

but also i see

that when i am surrendered i have space to notice rather than fight

when i stop struggling against the shoulds and the outtas and the wounds

i can see what makes them

i can see the cause

i can see whether i am wounding myself using the ropes tied by others...

and this morning i realised that often i am...

i was at drop off at school struggling against a percieved slight when i remembered surrender

and in my mind i just stepped off the mouse wheel

and my footsteps slowed

and my body softened

and i realised i had no idea what was going on for that other person

and how i appear to them is none of my business

do i approve of myself?

(a whispered yes)

am i acting from a good place?

a yes

am i worthy of kindness

a stronger yes (the fact that this is my current affirmation may help)

and i felt that tension and harshness leave my body

and i felt love pour in

and it really is as simple as that

so here is my checklist

1. be aware
2. surrender
3. soften
4. check in with yourself
5. let the love come in

it really feels as easy as that... and i think the reason is that the secret nature of the Universe is love. God/Goddess/All that Is is truely Love broader and deeper and stronger than anything we can imagine and so when we soften and we truely allow that to come in we see that is all there really is... Love

Sometimes it is damaged and has prickly edges. Sometimes we don't open to it enough.

But really it is all Love.


  1. A loud yes from me over here on this side of the pond.
    (and taking notes...)

  2. I second the loud yes and am adding a giant sigh.

    gayle aka "helloidris"

  3. Your journey is so inspiring to me ~ thanks for sharing ~