Friday, September 9, 2011

stepping past potential

Eila in The Hat Helen made - she loves it but she can only use it sometimes! it is so beautiful i could pop. i had a discussion with my friend Helen yesterday which has been circulating around my heart ... we are both stepping up and making something happen with our dreams.... we are both making a visible and measurable thing to show the world our dream.... we are both scared shitless about that.... and i said to her yesterday that i felt like it was easier to hold on to the potential and not actually step into the dream because it was easier and safer to have the cache of potential and talent and not having to be measured about the actual doing of it.... how that fear of being measured as not reaching our potential (on the very first try) was enough to put me off doing something that my soul was calling me to do was sobering.... how could i be so scared of being measured that i risked not living even a part of the life of my dreams.... that i could let fear take that away from me and call it being safe seems so ludicrous i can barely credit how many years i have spent telling myself that my potential was enough... so today i posted the culmination of the work that has gone into my creative dream to get it to a working reveal to the world stage... and when i hear back from Helen (who graciously agreed to be my guinea pig) i will come here and tell you about my creative dream and give fear the cold shoulder as i turn to grab, with both greedy hands, the life of my dreams


  1. Eila looks delicious in that hat!
    And my heart is soaring as I read about
    you cold shouldering that fear. Can't wait for the next installment. You rock <3

  2. Holding a place for both you and Helen to release your fears, and sending vibes for jumping right in!!!!!!!

  3. "as i turn to grab, with both greedy hands, the life of my dreams:

    oh this is so exciting!!! i am on the edge of my seat!!! you are so inspiring my friend!!!

  4. oh Jane - I can so relate to everything you wrote!!

    Almost exactly three years ago I laughed at my fear and jumped into my dream with both feet.

    And now? I'm living smack dab in the middle of it and savoring every second! There's nothing "greedy" about deservedness.


  5. It is so much easier to find courage with the right friends holding our hands.
    Not always the ones at the center of the drama, the loudest or the most popular, the cheerleaders and 'it' crowd.
    The ones who have lived, the ones who have held still or wandered in the darkness and felt their own soul tugging at them for attention. And are able to share and honour that sacred call. With all the shit-scared vulnerability and childlike openness that takes.
    Thank you for trusting me with your dream Jane X