Wednesday, September 21, 2011


i did a course with the amazing Andrea of ABCcreativity... the course i did was the creative dream incubator

i wanted to work on my whispered dream of making creativity exploration workshops for women and threshold women...

but i came out of there with another dream altogether...

something i didn't even know i wanted to do

and it is almost ripe for the picking

i sent off the fruit from a trial run with my friend Helen

and she was moved in the way i had hoped she was

i wanted to make something that was loving and healing and creative and intuitive and alive with it's own energy and it seems i have picked up each of those seeds with my work ...

may they grow into something wonderful...

so send sunshine and a little bit of warm rain to help me in the final stages of the ripening

and then please come back in two weeks when i will do a giveaway to launch my new creative venture

(i feel like such a grown up!)


  1. I'm so enjoying witnessing your blossoming and send exactly the right amount of sunshine and warm rain <3

  2. Supporting you to wherever the dream leads you ~~~

  3. oh, this moves like you can't even imagine! i am so excited for you!!
    can't wait to see what creative yumminess you will be putting out into the universe! yay you!

  4. This gave me my first smile of the day! *sigh*
    I love you, Ms Jane.
    The world needs what you gots.

  5. This is going to be so beautiful X I KNOW it to be true.