Sunday, December 5, 2010

rever10 - a sense of wonder

"What did i do to cultivate a sense of wonder"

i open my eyes and i look

i see green grass and know it's growing
i see trees and know that they are taking in my waste breath and making new breath for me
i see the ceaseless sea
i see the infinity of the sky
and the stars
i see my hands moving and things growing
i think about my liver and my lungs and my pancreas and my heart- the miracle of design that means i get to move about and sustain my life and grow new cells - all without thinking or worrying or learning or applying myself - it just is
i think about my girls growing, puberty entering my eldest's body, learnings that happen everyday
i think about the unconcious and dreams and synchronicity
i think about the internet and talking to you through time and space and having my heart changed by you through time and space

this life, this planet, all of it

it is wonder

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