Tuesday, December 7, 2010

thoughts for the new year

i am beginning to consider2011

(thanks in large part to reverb10) what i would like to draw to me

what i would like to release

and i think i would like to release the need to be seen

it interferes with my honest expression of my self into the world

i consider what others will think constantly

i am unable to allow my expression to be satisfying unless it is lauded outside of me

i am unable to let my offering be complete and satisfactory just as they are, without acclaim or praise

i want to be able to speak my truth and have it be enough

all on its own.

the need to be seen is about not feeling worthy enough inside myself to provide validation for myself

is about not believing in my truth enough to have it rest in its own perfection without the approval of others

it is time for this to die now...

it is time to be free


  1. You are enough. I am enough. Yeah, it's totally time to let that die now. Wanna come out here and bang mine on the head with a cast-iron pan? I'll reciprocate :)

    Had another experience yesterday when I felt pressured to justify or explain the reason for creating something I'd created. Ugh. Not bothering anymore, and not investing myself in others' need to make things fit into boxes. Killing that in the new year = priceless.

  2. I'm releasing this too - though I may need CONSTANT reminders (still thinking about that tattoo ;D ).

  3. the worthy tattooed pan wielding women tribe is born!