Wednesday, December 29, 2010

reverb10 what do i most want to achieve in 2011.

Author: Tara Sophia Mohr
The Women's Seder Sourcebook: Rituals & Readings for Use at the Passover Seder

Prompt: Achieve. What’s the thing you most want to achieve next year? How do you imagine you’ll feel when you get it? Free? Happy? Complete? Blissful? Write that feeling down. Then, brainstorm 10 things you can do, or 10 new thoughts you can think, in order to experience that feeling today.

i most want to travel and see my friends in the US.

I imagine i will feel opened up and happy all at once.

In order to feel that now i can:
1. create everyday
2. do things that require creative courage.
3. treat myself to things that feel indulgent but right.
4. "i deserve great things" can be my new affirmation.
5. i can see each thing i sell as an affirmation that that dream is achievable
6. i can meditate.
7. i can go to spiritual sites here and connect with being in Sedona.
8. i can do the labyrinth here and think about High Valley.
9. i can own being an artist.
10. i can affirm my right to be a woman who can have adventures away from my family.

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