Monday, December 13, 2010

reverb10 - question for the 9th

not many people in this photo right???

Prompt: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.the social gathering that rocked my socks of may make me sound sadder and more middle aged than i feel... as a young woman exchange student i could have had a good show at the small talk chat friendly olympics... i could engage anyone, loved social events.. as a 45 year old i now am only just returning from a place where i felt i had nothing to offer, was so ashamed of my self and my inadequacies that i couldn't find social gatherings anything but terrifying opportunities to make a dick of myself...

but it changes when i get together with my friend Anna

maybe a chat in the car park

maybe a sneaky lunch

maybe just talking under a tree while the children swam

but being with her makes me laugh

i feel shiny

and that makes me feel my socks go whoosh

when my friends and i who met through the homebirth group get together and one of us makes a plan to guide the group in some way my socks are rocked - we got together and did something i read about and was deeply moved by on Jen Gray's blog....we henna painted words of affirmation - words we wanted to be true about, words that captured our deepest longings and wore them on our skin... miracles happened because of that day - E, after writing about love over her heart, found love, a lump that M had, which she was ashamed of and which had been there since childhood disappeared within weeks of writing self love on it...

and the other social gatherings that have rocked my socks have been on the internet - the tribe and our hilarious biweekly chat sessions, the tribe work-room where we share and grow, the SARKFORUM where my sisters live, the friends i have made blogging... you have all seen something worthwhile in me - have helped me rebuild my social maybe, just maybe, i might do something social in 2011

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  1. Somehow I don't remember or didn't know that you were a homebirther as well. Many things my friend that are tying us together.