Friday, December 31, 2010


it takes committment for me to grow

it takes focussed effort

i can't just flit from one thing to another

as filled with tempting baubles as the internet is

i committ to my creativity

i committ to practising every day

i committ to the juiciest deepest part of myself that has stamped her foot and said enough

i will feed her with the joy that comes from making things that come from my heart - not imitations of the work i admire in others

but my work
my soul
my connection to God, Goddess, All That Is

right there in front of me on the page, canvas, peice of silver

and if in that process other's are moved or touched i am blessed

but selfishly

and gloriously this is a committment to me


  1. Jane i love you i want to see you shine in 2011 i know your kind heart will take some time to learn this committment but i am honouring that you will be kind to yourself as well... your passion is what the world around you needs - and your big heart is full of unknown juice...
    much love
    BIG JUICYjane

  2. <3 "Hear, hear" to what BIGJUICYjane said :)

  3. this touches me....wonderfully said!